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Jean-Paul Cattin Designers block

artist on tumblr

An old house located in East-London. A place taken over by artists and designers. Their contemporary creations, sometimes sober and functional are melting up with the old walls of the house, where several layers of paintings betray the time passing. A spatial evading in these cracks and drips.

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July, 17 by kagomy


July, 17 by kagomy

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CM: kane by helloveda


CM: kane by helloveda

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Maude White Paperwork

on Pinterest

Maude is the owner of the paper art and handmade felt jewelry company Brave Bird Paperwork & Jewelry.  She feels that her paper work is strongly influenced by such great illustrators as Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham and Gustave Dore. Her paper illustrations have been featured in the New York City based fine arts magazine Carrier Pigeon. She has work from the current issue of Carrier Pigeon on display in Downtown Manhattan.

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This is my redraw/ alternate scenario for this scene.

I see the people wanted a kiss at this scene but in all honesty I just wanted a damn hug! Is that too much to ask for?

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requested by anon

for more Hakuouki gifs, feel free to request here

>.>;; if I keep this up, it’ll be difficult to deny some of my interests. But Heisuke is just so cute, I can’t help it….. not a shota-con though TT-TT yet because of these interests, some people would think I am one.

for example: Len Kagamine, Toushirou Hitsugaya, Nagisa Hazuki, Syo Kurusu……

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by 青井

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I’m not drooling over these, what are you talking about? 

Ashamed? Are you ashamed?
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"I am ashamed to see you dress like that because you are my daughter"
"I am ashamed to consider you as my sister"

Why are you shamed? Because I am different. Because I dress different. There are people who appreciate me, yet both of you are so narrow-minded. I’m not even dressed in a sexual manner. I am not even dressed childish. Yes, I may dress doll-like, but I am not a doll. Yes I may dress cute, but I am still mature. Yes I dress different from the typical “norm” because I don’t want to be seen as plain. Yet you hate how I dress because it’s different.

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Limonana is a classic Israeli bit of yum yum. It’s frozen lemonade with generous amounts of fresh mint (‘nana’ is the Hebrew word for mint.)

Simple? Yes, but there’s definitely an art to the perfect sugar : lemon : water ratio. 

If you need to cool down and take a break from the summer heat, here’s a recipe:

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our ends are beginnings

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Tale of the Water Princess mizuru-yuA story, a memory that will last is my purpose. I will continue to write it, the story that is stored within my heart.

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